Case Study: The Dash 8 Cockpit Upgrade


The Dash 8 Cockpit Upgrade

The classic Dash 8 aircraft with many years left in service remains an irreplaceable airframe with exceptional efficiencies.   Yet as we move forward into the future the need for a modernized flight deck has become increasingly apparent.  Field Aviation, known as a world leader in Dash 8 enhancements, is once again joining forces with Universal Avionics providing a safe and profitable future for this legendary aircraft.

Through Innovation and more than 60 years of experience, this targeted Q2 2010 STC will be applicable to all classic Dash 8 aircraft models and will consist of five Universal Avionics EFI-890R, High Definition LCD flat panel displays, with Vision-1 Synthetic Vision.  This flight deck modification will be fully designed, integrated and approved by Field Aviation and will subsequently be available in kit form for worldwide fitment.

Operational Requirement Solutions

  • Safety (exceptional situational awareness)
  • Security (multiple sensor inputs)
  • Expansion Capability (for regulatory implementation)
  • Approach Plates and Charts (optional electronic charts)
  • Special Mission Capabilities (several configurable options)

Operational Efficiency Benefits

  • Decreased Operational Cost (high reliability / dispatch ability)
  • Decreased Aircraft Ownership (reduced LRUs / management costs)
  • Modernized Flight Deck (increased aircraft value / extended  flight deck life)
  • Leading Edge Technology (attracts technical  pilots / staff)
  • Obtain Fleet Commonality (provides training consolidation)